Updating Homes in West Philadelphia and its Surrounding Neighborhoods

Zack Sternwalker

Project Manager and Second Carpenter

The son of a builder, Zack grew up hanging around his father’s shop and helping him out on the job. After a career as a high school Spanish teacher, Zack started a one-person construction business specializing in carpentry and small renovations. As his business evolved, his passion for building led him to found Sternwalker Builds. Detail oriented, and with a focus on project management, Zack loves the process of bringing clients’ unique design ideas to fruition. In his free time, Zack enjoys playing chess, songwriting, and hanging out with his son, Wayland.

Javier Capilla

Site Supervisor and Lead Carpenter

With over 20 years experience in residential home renovation, Javier brings a master’s level expertise to the areas of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and exterior work. His diverse construction background allows him to problem solve at a holistic level, making him an ideal fit for even the most complex renovations. When not working, Javier enjoys spending time with his son, Simon, and hiking with his dog, Daisy.

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